A day of a night owl

This is based on what I’m experiencing myself as a night owl.

One month ago, I decided to start writing dairy, but my dairy is more like a report of my thought process and feeling of a whole day, how it changes, especially in different hours.

After a month, I realize it has a pattern, it may not so clear yet, but I do want to share here first, then keep recording how my day looks like for next few month, even years,…

Before you read, bare in mind somethings:

  • I’m not a morning person, at all, which mean I’m more productive, faster and in high energy mode at night.
  • I don’t have any routine. I have my own schedule of working, meeting, but it is not in a routine.
  • I have been going through extremely different experience such as depression, stress, unsafe feeling, having really funny talk, super inspiring moment,… in the last one month, so it may affect this report.

I will start a day when I wake up:

2PM: a brand new day

Yes, it is the average hour that I wake up if I just sleep myself, no alarm, no meeting in the morning. My first feeling is hungry, of course, then I will feel ashamed, rushing for something even I don’t have anything to do on that day.

I will find food to eat first, then work or do something

3PM – 7PM: Productive zone #1: Information collecting

If I start working from the morning, after overcome the Slow zone around 10AM-2PM, I will gain some more energy to back to work.

If I start working from afternoon, this can be the most productive zone. I usually allocate these type of work like: collecting information, number, report, talk to people,…

7PM – 9PM: Distracting zone

Of course it is distracting. What do you usually do during this time? Dinner, relax, entertainment stuff,… Even though I’m a night person, but still a human.

I may have a proper dinner, or lots of snack. If I’m stressed, I intend to find more sweet things, high sugar level like ice cream, coke, chips, fruit,… more than any hour of the day.

At the same time, I can be really productive if I continue my productive zone #1 without skipping for dinner.

9PM – 11PM: Learning-new-thing zone

I may learn something new in this zone:

  • I watch lot of youtube video, especially informative and insightful ones
  • This one month, I also allocate this zone for studying IELTS.

But still easy to be distracted if people around me still awake.


11PM-2AM: Productive zone #2: Generating/Brainstorming

If I try to go to sleep around this zone:

  1. I will sleep right away if I am super exhausted
  2. I will be distracted from the sleep until 3AM

If I’m still awake:

  • I will draw (I’m practicing watercoloring and lettering)
  • I will design
  • I will write (blog, diary, even chatting with other people)
  • I will brainstorm some new ideas (while I’m doing these things above)
  • When I’m still studying in high school or university, I do homework this time

2AM-3AM: Depression zone

I call it so cause I cannot control my brain

If I go to sleep:

  • I still cannot sleep at all, I will keep thinking, my brain works harder than ever
  • If I’m stressed, all the bad things, scary moments will come back to my mind, really clearly
  • I even cry
  • I rarely fall as sleep in this zone

If I’m still awake and working:

  • I’m still working
  • It’s a bridge between brainstorming zone to implementing zone

3AM-5AM:  Productive zone #3: Implementing

If I try to sleep but still cannot sleep after depression zone:

  • I cannot fall asleep until 5pm or morning
  • My brain works even more intensive
  • It keeps thinking about what I can do to change the situation
  • I can even write a script for a movie or a speech in my head, really structured

If I’m still awake:

  • I start implementing my ideas
  • Most of the time I will work on somethings need to be structured (like strategies planning, guidelines, report,…)
  • When I’m still studying in high school or university, I do homework this time, especially essay
  • I can work much faster than normal people in this zone
  • I don’t feel tired at all
  • I feel peace

5AM – 7AM: Peaceful zone

I may fall asleep already or half sleeping, I only can sleep when I feel peace and my mind stop working.

If I sleep super early last night because of being so exhausted, I will wake up around this time and feel really peaceful.

7AM – 10AM: Don’t touch me

My brain cannot function anything

I hate hearing something loud (like being woken up by people voices), that’s why if I really want to wake up early, I will set my alarm with a song started with the singer’s voice.

Although I sleep early and wake up early, please don’t talk to me around this time.

I will be more sensitive but slow…

10AM – 2PM: I am really slooooooooooow

My brain starts functioning but I react to things really slowly.

I become calmer, or don’t give a sh*t.


So, it is a day of a night person, me, not every night person.

Sometimes I think I should change myself to a morning person, practice it, then become a habit, routine, lifestyle. And yes, I can sometimes.

Then my own capacity as a morning person cannot afford my work, I don’t have enough energy in day time.

It’s even worse when I try to wake up early, work a whole day, and at night cannot sleep as my brain is still working.


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