“But these people raised me”

Such a long time. In case you wonder where I have been, what I have done and how much I have grown, welcome to the first post of 2017.

 So, the story of the first week of 2017 can be described by this:


 [I will never stop spreading the love to every heart, every where]

I wonder, how many time in this life, we say we want to have something, then did not do anything to achieve it.

I was that little girl, keep dreaming for nearly 20 years to be free, to go here and there, but never take any small step to go out of her comfort zone.

I was that little member in the biggest youth leadership movement in the world, keep saying I’m striving for Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential, but still not proactively seeking to understand the people around me.

I was a grain of sand in this entire universe, thinking I’m self-aware enough, and still asking myself lots of questions why I’m living this way.


2016 marks a special life-changing experience for me when coming to Malaysia, working with other 11 people form other 5 countries around the world.

At the first moment here, I was so homesick, I missed motorbike, the coffee, food and and own bed. I was always isolating myself from the world, staying in my room, doing work by myself most of the time. I kept so many things in me.

These people, are the ones taking me out of my #anniverse but still giving me a safe space to express and develop. Getting closer to them, I started getting annoying sometimes as well haha. Small talk with favorite shisha place, randomly driving the car at 11pm to have ice cream and steamboat, eating outside and separately most of the time but if eating together, the dinner we cook must be much better than restaurant.

We stop using “guys” because not everyone is a guy, and to be more inclusive, I even feel annoyed when someone call me (in a group of people) “guy”. We use “and” instead of “but” to generate more ideas. We look at each other’s eyes when we talk. We appreciate everyday we enjoy the moment with the person we have.

Sometimes we yell at each other, sometimes we cry in front of each other, sometimes we laugh at each other, always we protect each other.


We are a team that takes personal well being to be priority and believes leadership is presence. We create a safe environment where is stress-, feedback- and conflict-allowing by being mindful and accountable to the team’s learning and development with observing, asking, and timely communication; and especially always seeking first to understand then to be understood. We are willing to forgive, unlearn and relearn by acknowledging and actively breaking assumptions for yourself and others, we don’t let ego get in the way – ask for emotional and task-related help when needed. And we embody the BOLEH (can) spirit in everything we do by using our vision for this organization to guide our decision-making.


After going through my conflict with family about why I postpone my study and go volunteering full-time in another country. I was running to Malaysia with my frustration about my college life and my country.

But the more I live into these principles everyday, the more my behaviors and thought process changed. Me, from a daughter who cannot communicate with her parent in daily life to a person who can seek first to understand their opinion and proudly asking them for support in a big decision. The more I learn, the more I know: the only way to stop the frustration is to take action towards it and if I working as a full-time leader, meaning I should be a leader at work as well as at my hometown, with family, friends and partners.


4 months ago, I was thinking about taking a step further to contribute to my country. Being a Vietnamese for 21 years, going through so many family conflicts and being under pressure of society’s standards, ‘fighting’ with my own University life frustration, then myself searching for more opportunities to grow and enrich my experience every single day here and there, I understand how much Vietnamese youth need more and more platform to express themselves, to experience more challenges, where their ideas can be heard and their potential can be fulfilled.

And how everyday, I get starting from the smallest action is seek to understand people, respect their differences and enable them to find their own Peace and be the best version that they want to be and can be. How day by day, I can make this organization be more accessible to everyone everywhere, provide more opportunities for youth to see the world, be a better person, bring a warm heart back to their homeland, empower them to become a leader and take action for a better world.


But I’m not taking steps on that way anymore, still, everyday, I keep striving for #PnF (Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential) with my daily action and behaviors.

Because, the #PnF is on us.



Thanks for inspiring me @EdSheeran and @MiuLe


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