AIESEC Phenomenon or Why it’s so hard to explain what AIESEC truly is

Bean's Corner

This article was written by an AIESECer, but not me.


“- Excuse me, I heard you said you are in AIESEC?

– Yes I am.

– I’m not sure if I know what is this about.

– Well, …”


Have you ever had a situation when you found it difficult to explain to others what AIESEC truly is? If not, please be my boss ;)

These moments have made me thinking why so? Moreover, after leaving AIESEC I’ve been observing people who have left the organisation two, five, ten years ago. And surprisingly they are more likely to remember (or even recommend) AIESEC rather than their recent corporate (‘professional’) engagements.

Is AIESEC really special and unique? If yes, why is that? What makes it stand out from other organisations?

Beside traditional opinions like enthusiasm and energy of its members or passion in everything we do, which are definitely…

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